Social Software and Social People

There is lots of talk about Social Software at the moment. While this ranges from sites like Ecademy and Linkedin through to the growth of blogs and knowledge management software, what is clear is that the people aspect can't be left behind.

While there is no substitute for people in this process, The Work Foundation have emphasised this in their own report "You Don't Know Me, but... Social Capital & Social Software".

Successfully marshalling human and technological resources in tandem is the key organisational and social challenge of our times. Organisations have been mystified as to why ICTs have failed to deliver promised productivity benefits, only to find that they have paid insufficient attention to the social infrastructure in which these new tools are embedded.

This report has already been picked up by Centrality and I think these ideas add weight to the people agenda within organisations which should really been seen on a par with processes and systems, if not a priority!

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