Prediction is important, if not vital

Being able to predict things, in business and elsewhere is critical. We don't always get it right, but understanding the variables and relationships between 'inputs' and 'outputs' goes a long way to creating a positive outcome.

In terms of Enterprise 2 and related Social Business software, this point is key and is the subject of a post (and a good few comments) by Keith Swenson, entitled Social Has No Future (Yet). Here's the opening paragraph.

This provocative title simply means: In general, social software systems record what is happening now and in the past, but for the most part completely lack any representation of the future. Enterprise Social Software, or Social Business Software, will succeed only if it has some representation of goals or other future activities.

While Keith goes on to talk about other aspects of social software, this initial point is the critical one in my mind. Without the ability to make predictions, the range of problems that can be solved is dramatically reduced.

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