Four Groups’ mission is to help organisations understand and predict how relationships and culture impact performance.

An understanding of these key intangibles via our 4G methodology transforms existing people management processes.

4G Transforms Existing Processes

Create Teams with Maximum Group Cohesion
Teamwork and Engagement
Consistently Create High Performing Teams

Maximise Engagement, Collaboration and Performance
Hire for Optimal Relationships
Recruitment and Selection
Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills

Improve the Success Rate of Selection Processes

Objective Performance Management
Performance Management
Link Behaviour to KPIs and Financial Metrics

Create an Objective Performance Management process

Predictive Change Management
Change Management
Improve the Success Rate of Change Management

Optimise the Human Element of Business Processes and Communications

Culture and Strategy Alignment
Culture and Strategy
Systematically align Strategy and Culture

Link the Human and Operational Elements of Business

Generate Economies of Scale and Economies of Learning
Training and Development
Generate Economies of Scale and Economies of Learning

Create an Individually Personalised Training and Development Syllabus

4G's Unique Capabilities

6 Predictable and Scalable Business Processes
6 predictable and scalable business processes

The Visual Team Builder
The Visual Team Builder software

Systematically Predict Behaviours Relationships and Culture
Systematically predict behaviours, relationships and culture

Quantify and Link Relationships to Financial Metrics and KPIs
Quantify and link relationships to financial metrics and KPIs
A Valid Fair and Innovative Psychometric Assessment Tool
A valid, fair and innovative psychometric assessment tool
A 500,000 Word Suite of Training and Development Materials
A 500,000 word suite of training and development materials