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Tata Consultancy Services' IT services, consulting and business solutions deliver real results to global businesses to help them experience certainty.


MBUintelligenceMBUintelligence is a Portuguese company specialising in organisational development. Starting in 2004, the company has evolved from delivering business and financial consultancy to providing consultancy on business structures, models and performance. The MBU team is expertly placed to assess and shape organisations from a human perspective. Working from either an internal or external perspective, MBU uses 4G to validate, predict and optimise talent and teams. The company also uses competitive intelligence models and tools to help improve organizational performance.



StangerCarlsonStangerCarlson is a team of Talent Management experts who specialize in helping companies achieve meaningful jumps in business results by aligning employee focus with business strategy through application of the proven StangerCarlson 21st Century Talent Framework. The focus is on Developing Leaders, Growing Talent and Shaping Culture. Unique to the Framework is a Career Development Center which unites development, progression and performance into a new contract with employees consistent with today's business models and economic realities. StangerCarlson stresses the use of assessments -- particularly 4G -- in its work.