An Innovation in People Management

Current Perceptions of HR

In the past 30 years all business functions have transformed their core proposition and perceived value through the adoption of new technologies, processes or systems.
Not to be outdone, HR has explored many different initiatives including Business Partnering, Outsourcing, Engagement, the War for Talent and Human Capital Metrics amongst others. Yet despite the time and money invested, HR has yet to experience a similar level of transformation or change in how it is perceived by the rest of the business.

The Untapped Potential of Relationships

Up to 40% of performance is determined by the quality of people's relationships and yet there are no tools that allow relationships to be predicted and forecast.

By placing too much emphasis on the characteristics and abilities of individuals and overlooking the proactive management and systematic optimisation of workplace relationships, organisations are failing to tap into the full potential of their people and in turn miss out on double digit increases in performance.
The research above from Harvard, MIT and elsewhere highlights the huge amount of unrealised potential and scope for innovation in people management. These unrealised gains correspond to a double digit increase in performance, year on year.

An Innovation in People Management
Predictive People Management

Given this untapped boost to performance, Four Groups have created 4G. 4G is an integrated and predictive approach to people management with a number of unique capabilities, as outlined below.

4G's Unique Capabilities

Innovation in People Management - Diagram 1
6 predictable and scalable business processes

Innovation in People Management - Diagram 2
The Visual Team Builder software

Innovation in People Management - Diagram 3
Systematically predict behaviours, relationships and culture
Innovation in People Management - Diagram 4
Quantify and link relationships to financial metrics and KPIs
Innovation in People Management - Diagram 5
A valid, fair and innovative psychometric assessment tool
Innovation in People Management - Diagram 6
A 500,000 word suite of training and development materials