Social Profiles

Social ProfilesSocial Profiles contain both a summary of an individual’s overall behaviour and his/her underlying strengths, potential weaknesses, degree of creativity, and sources of motivation.

Unlike other behavioural assessments that identify an individual’s preferences or traits, 4G evaluates the way in which people make sense of the world around them i.e., how individuals “Process Information”.

How individuals process the information they receive, as well contextualize and abstract their experiences determines which of the 16 different 4G Social Profiles applies to them.

Summary 4G Social Profiles

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1Fe’s are naturally enthusiastic and energetic

Have strong communication skills and enjoy prolonged social interaction

Will seek assurances that they he/she has been properly understood

Places considerable value on those who help and assist them

It is important for your colleague to feel at the centre of the action

It is important for your colleague to work in a manner that lets them be creative

May have difficulties embracing change or dealing with ambiguity


2Fe’s are people-focused, far-sighted and compassionate

Possess strong communication skills and are able to hold an audience

Are principled and ethical in his/her approach to work

Persuasive, charismatic and able to convince others of his/her point of view

Work needs to be consistent with his/her long-term values and goals

Are able to identify opportunities and potential in new ideas

Can neglect or ignore immediate issues or problems

3Fi’s are friendly, helpful individuals, who will ensure their responsibilities are met

Are able to find problems and difficulties in proposals

Often go out of their way to ensure the wellbeing of others

Like to plan and prepare and have excellent organizational skills

Are resilient and determined when facing obstacles or challenges

Dislikes uncertainty or situations that are unclear or unfamiliar

Benefits from an environment where people are calm and polite

4Fi’s are excellent at helping and assisting other people

Are diplomatic, ethical and considered in his/her approach to work

Maintains high standards and has good attention to detail

Benefits from being given freedom or autonomy to develop his/her work

Appreciates clear planning and a measured approach to work

Are regarded as consistent and reliable by others

May not be forceful or direct enough when facing obstacles

1Ne’s are idea generators and often propose radical and innovative solutions

Enjoy developing specific expertise and understanding

Are able to shed fresh light on existing problems

Sees the hidden potential in people and new ideas

Prefers a working environment that is unpredictable and varied

Maintaining energy and focus can also be difficult

May struggle with organization and performing routine tasks

2Ni’s are imaginative and naturally drawn towards new products or services

Are forward looking and able to understand potential and risk in most situations

Can raise morale and paint a positive picture of the future

Strong communication skills and can easily empathize with others

Encourages an informal and tension free atmosphere

May be impetuous or not stick to the plan or suggested course of action

Can sometimes struggle to focus on details or routine tasks

3Ni’s are imaginative and enjoy challenging conventional thinking

Enjoys taking a contrary approach and debating ideas

Are drawn towards propositions that offer large, significant returns

Are adept at identifying commercial potential in new opportunities

Economical and prudent with financial matters

May not always consider the impact of his/her decisions on others

Can neglect routine or mundane tasks

4Ne’s have excellent people skills and can handle awkward situations easily

Displays optimism for his/her work and can transfer this easily to others

Will defend and promote any groups that he/she is a member of

Are quick and nimble in their responses to external activity

Thrives on adventure, spontaneity and originality

Enjoys wide ranging speculative discussions

May need to put effort into organization, planning and attention to detail

1Si’s value transparency and openness in the workplace

Your colleague is low-key and consensual in his/her approach to work

Enjoys sharing and disseminating new and relevant information

Has a strong sense of visual or presentation issues

Excellent at diplomacy and maintaining a neutral position

Takes a balanced and informal approach to work

Is able to maintain good relationships over long periods

2Se’s are determined, resilient and sometimes impatient

Are able to work quickly and efficiently

Can quickly build up solid expertise in a particular area

Rarely ruffled and can display high levels of self control under pressure

Are adept at overcoming obstacles to progress

Will be able to focus on commercial or other measurable outcomes

Can be insensitive or rash in his/her decision-making

3Se’s are strong personalities who enjoy being in positions of responsibility

Encourages other people to show positive emotions

Excellent motivators and passionate people

Very determined and resilient in the face of obstacles

Ensures that the end goal is realistic and attainable prior to starting work

Seeks rapid returns and often search out direct challenges

May struggle to see beyond short-term issues

4Si’s are focused around practical and economic returns from his/her work

Are able to extract the maximum value from situations

Works at his/her best when given a free hand and independence

Enjoy being in positions of responsibility and not afraid to make difficult decisions

Place significant value on interpersonal relationships and requires positive feedback

Has an eye for detail, design and presentation

Can be abrupt and fail to read the signals from others

1Ti’s are analytical, experimental and enjoy developing his/her expertise

Your colleague enjoys situations when given freedom and few constraints

Are able to hold their interest for extended periods, refining and developing ideas

Your colleague is meritocratic in outlook and dislikes excessive bureaucracy or strict hierarchy

Encourages idea sharing and the application of people’s talents

Is drawn towards situations requiring an alternative or innovative approach

May not place much emphasis on presentation and design

2Ti’s are factually orientated and pay close attention to detail

Relies on proven methods, techniques and approaches to problem solving

Enjoys sharing knowledge and expertise with others

Enjoys being in situations where complex obstacles or problems need to be overcome

Strong organizational and administrative abilities

Will work in a precise and controlled manner

Dislikes situations that are uncertain or where logic and analysis can be deployed

3Te’s are drawn to commercial issues; in particular ideas promising large returns

Will spend time researching and exploring the practicality of new ideas

Enjoys being in power and offering advice and recommendations to others

Are able to work quickly and can often multi-task successfully

Are optimistic and positive about long-term opportunities

Can quickly over-extend his/herself or themselves too thinly

Can be autocratic or insensitive to the needs of others

4Te’s are adept at handling large amounts of data and analytical information

Work quickly and efficiently, especially when under pressure

Approaches goals and targets in a determined and direct manner

Values transparency, consistency and competence in others

Has an eye for detail and presentation

Will look to bring order and stability and consistency to his/her working environment

May struggle with situations that are ambiguous or uncertain