Management Due Diligence

A cohesive and strong management team plays an important part in the success of an investment. Understanding how individuals and more importantly the team as a whole will react to future pressure and strains will enable more informed decision making. Four Groups can help;

  • • Understand how the relationship between investors and the management team will develop
  • • Provide recommendations for future team composition and appointments
  • • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual
  • • Understand the natural dynamics and interactions within the team
  • • Quantify the amount of relationship friction within the team

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A New Approach to Management Assessment

When conducting due diligence on management teams in startup and high growth situations, the complexities and variables involved are arguably greater than in any other area of management assessment. To help deal with these issues, Four Groups has developed a methodology designed to shed new light on organisational issues that have previously thought to have been unmeasurable, enabling investors to make decisions and plan a strategy with far greater clarity and insight into the management team they are backing.

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