Management Courses that Change Behaviour – Yeah right!

Keith McGregor from Personnel Psychology NZ calls out some of the myths and mysteries around training and development and the prospect of realising change, or not...

Over the years we have run many management training courses and get wonderful feedback (causes a problem trying to get one’s head out of the door). We go back 6 months later and ask the manager how its going and they say “Great”. We ask the staff how its going and they say “How is what going?”. When we ask about the management training they say “Oh, so that where he was for a couple of days”. There may have been a brief flurry of activity and then normality prevailed. How many us can honestly say we have seen a permanent, positive change in managerial behaviour as a result of a management course? This is incredibly ego-deflating and a seeming waste of everybody’s time and money and yet the need is as strong as ever – in virtually every organisation there are people screaming out for ideas on how to manage difficult staff and deal with complex personnel issues.

Via the IONET Google Group

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