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Knowing When to Step Down – Dilemmas of Succession

Succession is one of those topics that gets very little coverage given it’s significance. An interesting blog post in the New York Times (here) by Quentin Hardy draws attention to some of the pitfalls in not having a plan in … Continue reading

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Another thought on making HR indispensable

Another way for HR to make itself indispensable is through a more sophisticated and considered approach to talent management. Again, we are not talking about talent management in the traditional sense. Instead by focusing on social networks and connectivity, HR … Continue reading

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How can HR best help the CEO?

How can HR best help the CEO? I think that HR’s standing in the eyes of most of the current generation of CEOs is so low that any thoughts of a key strategic role is more wishful thinking than imminent … Continue reading

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Ready, Aim, Fire… Business isn’t War…

Given the time and energy invested in activities such as engagement, talent development, finding ‘untapped potential’ and purpose, it’s quite surprising to see elements of business language still being dominated by military metaphors from the last century. Take, for example, … Continue reading

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Leadership, Intangibles and Talent Review Q2 2010

Welcome the second review of 2010. In this issue we have a ramble around current thinking on engagement, kick the tyres on organisational behaviour and give the old leadership tree a good shake. We’ll also explore the following themes; Engagement … Continue reading

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