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HR and Big Data; Jumping the Gun?

Big Data is unlikely to lead to the breakthroughs in understanding of what makes success unless organisations start to take into account the key intangibles such as relationships and culture. To understand performance or lack thereof, we need to look far beyond the capabilities, characteristics or behaviour of individuals. Instead, relationships, culture, other intangibles and contextual factors play a larger role in understanding performance. Continue reading Continue reading

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Socialogy and Social Business – An interview by Justin Kirby

I was interviewed by Justin Kirby on the subject of Socialogy last week. Justin and I had previously collaborated on Collaborative Innovation on behalf of Nesta. The interview runs to about 20 minutes and the main topics we covered were as follows: Four Groups’ 4G methodology and human capital management software platform, The 5 factors required for business transformation, i.e. Continue reading Continue reading

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Knowing When to Step Down – Dilemmas of Succession

Succession is one of those topics that gets very little coverage given it’s significance. An interesting blog post in the New York Times (here) by Quentin Hardy draws attention to some of the pitfalls in not having a plan in … Continue reading

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Changing the way Collaboration and Communication is managed

A classic (it was published in 2005!) from Stowe  Boyd on Social Software. Much of it has come to pass, but its nice to look back and see the connections. I particularly enjoyed his conclusion, the full effects of which … Continue reading

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Black and White Networks v. Networks in Colour

I’ve been chatting to the more than thought provoking Jon Husband about HR, changing practice, the need for deep change and the role of wirearchies. One of the thoughts that crossed my mind is the potential contrast between black & … Continue reading

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Up to 40% of Performance is determined by the Quality of People’s Relationships

The presentation below builds on research from Harvard, MIT, Warwick (via Proudfoot Consulting) and a meta analysis from the University of Amersterdam and Carnegie Mellon. The Hidden 20 – 40% Of Peformance View more presentations from fourgroups. Twitter Linkedin Facebook … Continue reading

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When will the Artists take over from the Technicians?

Two ideas to consider… Focusing on the ‘unstructured, intangible and typically unmeasured’ will lead to the greatest increase in profits and problem solving over the coming years. Benefiting from working on the ‘unstructured’ will only be fully realised when it … Continue reading

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Leadership, Intangibles and Talent Review Q3 2009

Welcome to 2009’s third quarterly review, as with previous issues, engagement continues to be at the forefront of people’s thoughts. Behind the engagement debate however there seems to be a growing call for a wider reappraisal of the fundamental way … Continue reading

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Are People Truly Predictable?

We were recently featured in a piece on the HR Matters site. We spoke about our work with 4G and how it can aid understanding and problem solving efforts. Here’s a quick introduction. We discussed the idea that people-based issues … Continue reading

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HR Executive Article – Boom or Bust for HR?

Anne Freedman at HR Executive very kindly published our “Boom or Bust for HR?” article back in January. Thanks Anne! The introduction is below. Is 2009 the year the HR function finally enters its ascendancy as organizations place greater emphasis … Continue reading

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