Socialogy and Social Business – An interview by Justin Kirby

Socialogy and Social Business - An interview by Justin KirbyI was interviewed by Justin Kirby on the subject of Socialogy last week.

Justin and I had previously collaborated on Collaborative Innovation on behalf of Nesta.

The interview runs to about 20 minutes and the main topics we covered were as follows:

  • Four Groups’ 4G methodology and human capital management software platform
  • The 5 factors required for business transformation, i.e.
    • Simple to explain
    • Scalable and predictable
    • Changes to people’s jobs
    • A return on investment (ROI)
    • External validation
  • The use of these 5 factors of existing innovations versus Social Business
  • Stowe Boyd’s ‘Physics of People’ and the holy grail of predicting behaviours

Listen to the interview below.

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