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Decision Making in Online Dating

I’ve been doing some reading about the online dating industry recently and in particular looking to whether there is a potential use for 4G as a means to predict relationship outcomes. This was kicked off by an article earlier this … Continue reading

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Greatest Assets?

A provocatively titled blog over at HBR (here) by Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald questions the much used adage, “people are our greatest asset” (PAOGA from now on). The article raises some interesting points, bringing together ideas around … Continue reading

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Leadership, Intangibles and Talent Review Q4 2010

Welcome to the final round-up of 2010. In this issue we have brought together an assortment of provocative articles focusing on; Complexity Training Systems Thinking Being Counter-Intuitive Innovation Conclusion Featured in this issue are articles from: Steven Johnson, John Hagel, … Continue reading

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How do you measure the quality of your relationships?

I came across this intriguing post from Robin Dickinson, asking about people measure the quality of their relationships. This comment really caught my eye; Given that we are empowered to make literally 1000’s of such connections [via social media], this … Continue reading

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Reviewing Predictions for HR

Jon Ingham posted a review of his predictions for 2010. You have to applaud the bravey and transparency, especially when Jon writes; These [predictions] included this video blog suggesting that HR needs more ambition (a point that I still strongly … Continue reading

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