How do you measure the quality of your relationships?

I came across this intriguing post from Robin Dickinson, asking about people measure the quality of their relationships.

This comment really caught my eye;

Given that we are empowered to make literally 1000's of such connections [via social media], this then begs the questions – where do we best place our limited resources. Who do we invest our time in? How do we determine who to deepen (to use Brad’s quality indicator) our relationships with? Who do we say ‘No’ to and why? As this social connectivity continues to explode exponentially, it will be interesting to see how we humans address this question of quality.

Squaring the realities of near endless choice (online) with limited time opens up something of an interesting conundrum. Where is my time and energy best spent in order to maximise the happiness/satisfaction/productivity (etc. etc.) of any particular relationship that I choose to develop?

From a commercial perspective, how can I enhance my existing relationships and even start to predict the outcomes of new relationships that I might develop (e.g. recruitment, new project teams, restructuring etc.)?

Does a better understanding of relationships improve performance, save time and help enhance decision making? We've found various sources of research that suggests better relationships lead to performance improvements by 20 - 40% or more.

From Four Groups' point of view, the Visual Team Builder offers one approach that sheds light on these types of questions.

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