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The Truth About Innovation

Over at HBR (here), Bill Taylor hits the nail on the head regarding the current obsession with innovation. Much like the focus on engagement a couple of years ago, innovation is the current area of focus. Business leaders have co-opted … Continue reading

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The Apprentice: A rocky road ahead?

Those in the UK will no doubt be aware that last Sunday saw the finale of The Apprentice, where the nerdy inventor Tom Pellereau triumphed over the hyper-organised and arguably more capable Helen Milligan (here). In contrast to previous series’, … Continue reading

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How do you measure the quality of your relationships?

I came across this intriguing post from Robin Dickinson, asking about people measure the quality of their relationships. This comment really caught my eye; Given that we are empowered to make literally 1000’s of such connections [via social media], this … Continue reading

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Ready, Aim, Fire… Business isn’t War…

Given the time and energy invested in activities such as engagement, talent development, finding ‘untapped potential’ and purpose, it’s quite surprising to see elements of business language still being dominated by military metaphors from the last century. Take, for example, … Continue reading

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