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Socialogy and a Scientifically-Grounded Understanding of People

A scientifically-grounded understanding of people, such as 4G, has the potential to change business in hugely profound ways, perhaps on a scale comparable to the industrial revolution, the introduction of the PC or the rise of the internet. Such a statement is naturally loaded with many assumptions and implications, so it’s worth exploring both in further detail… Continue reading Continue reading

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Why is Understanding People So Hard

The lack of tools that help us better understand people through reliable predictions undoubtedly contributes to the fact that understanding people is hard Continue reading Continue reading

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Management Courses that Change Behaviour – Yeah right!

Keith McGregor from Personnel Psychology NZ calls out some of the myths and mysteries around training and development and the prospect of realising change, or not… Over the years we have run many management training courses and get wonderful feedback … Continue reading

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