Ready, Aim, Fire… Business isn’t War…

Given the time and energy invested in activities such as engagement, talent development, finding 'untapped potential' and purpose, it's quite surprising to see elements of business language still being dominated by military metaphors from the last century.

Take, for example, 'Chief' (Executive or Finance) 'Officer', 'Execution' (of the business plan) and the use of 'Targets' (to aim for). And this is before we start talking about 'Annihilating' the competition.

I'm not sure if the contrast between implicit command and control type language on the one hand and attempts to motivate and engage people's passion on the other is particularly successful. Likewise, I don't know if other's are aware of this contrast, or if its just me. (Knowing me, I'm sure its just me...).

Either way, I don't think it helps either point of view progress much at all, whether you subscribe to either of theory X or theory Y.

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