Taskforce members ignore own advice on people data – Part 1

There are more rumblings about the Accounting for People (AfP) taskforce. In an article entitled "Taskforce members ignore own advice on people data" we learn that;

...close inspection of their [BP, Compass Group and ITV] most recent annual reports reveals that some only pay lip service to their staff in their main documentation, with as little as two paragraphs on "employment" in the case of ITV. BP has just one paragraph on "human potential" in its report, although there is quantitative data on staff employee issues. Compass includes only five paragraphs on staff in its 105-page annual report.

I happen to believe that AfP is a hard internal sale and as a consequence of this, the take up is slow or non-existent. On a positive note however, one might conclude that some reporting is better than none and the first step is always the hardest.

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