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Leadership, Intangibles and Talent Review Q4 2008

Introduction Welcome to the first issue of the Four Groups Leadership, Intangibles and Talent review. The purpose is to try to distil and comment on some of the more interesting and articles shaping the field. That said, the subject matter … Continue reading

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HR – Boom or Bust?

Summary Commentators are currently polarised around the future of the HR function. Some suggest that the function is about to enter a boom period as after several years of cajoling, organisations are placing far greater significance on talent management and … Continue reading

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The Tension in Collaboration

Summary There is a tension at the heart of our efforts to collaborate. This tension and its possible resolution is best captured by the following questions. Should we be putting people first, before technology, in our efforts to collaborate? Does … Continue reading

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Managing Intangibles

Summary By making the traditionally intangible aspects of an organisation tangible, managers can benefit from superior information and greater choice. This new perspective combines insights and knowledge that would previously only have been available by chance alone with a comprehensive … Continue reading

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Linking Financial Values and Cultural Values

The financial and cultural values of an organisation often appear to be two separate and distinct entities. However, simultaneously linking and managing them can have a major impact on the success of both strategy and its execution. Typically, the financial … Continue reading

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