Video – What is Transformation?

Having read and responded to Jon Ingham's tweet about what is most likely to transform People Management in the next 5 years, I thought I'd take some time to add some thoughts around current  understanding of transformation.

Before the video, a bit of background. Naomi Bloom's post struck a chord, particularly the opener;

Forty years on, and we’re still talking about organizational readiness for strategic HRM (of which talent management is a large piece). Boring! The time for action is long past.

Likewise, David Graham frames the paradox of previous attempts at transformation very succinctly;

Despite the proven benefits of HR transformation, business executives and HR leaders alike continue to voice frustration with HR’s ability to deliver value. With no shortage of talented people doing great work, what’s the problem?

what is transformation video

[spoiler show="And for those in the UK..."]This video was recorded before the snow and with the indispensable benefit of central heating, hence I'm wearing just a shirt![/spoiler]

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