Creating Sustained High Performance

Ilaria Vilkelis gave us a nice write up on her blog yesterday when she spoke about success in an uncertain economy. The part of her piece that really struck a chord with me was this section on exploring the space that exists between people.

At the end of the day in a very uncertain environment the most important asset of any organization lies within its team; and the team’s commitment and sense of mission, its resilience and especially the chemistry between team members: for sustained high performance the space between people often matters most than people themselves.

In the past these inter dynamics where hard to predict and you could benefit only from the wisdom of hindsight. Experience and gut feelings were possibly all we could count on. Thankfully we have new tools coming on the market that can help.

Thanks to Ilaria who has put her finger on the gap that we try to address at Four Groups. As we have often said ourselves, the quality of people's relationships can account for anything between 20 - 40% of performance. In a startup situation (Ilaria's speciality), one suboptimal relationship can spell disaster for a fledgling venture.

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