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I've been seeing a number of posts and articles on conflict and relationships. Here are some to mull over if you fancy a browse;

Poor conflict management costs business billions

In the UK alone, the CEDR calculates, conflict costs business £33 billion every year. The cost of business disputes comprises not only amounts paid in legal fees but also the damage incurred by business as a consequence of those disputes – in fact the cost of this damage (£27bn) far outweighs the legal fees (£6bn).

Develop Effective Work Relationships

Effective work relationships form the cornerstone for success and satisfaction with your job and your career. They form the basis for promotion, pay increases, goal accomplishment, and job satisfaction.

Don't Compromise - Take Turns

As part of leading discussions on the keys to great business relationships, I often ask seminar participants what they think the keys to great relationships are in personal life. Frequently, someone will say "Compromise" and I think this is dead wrong. Compromise means neither party gets what they want, and both sides end up unhappy. Instead, the secret is "Take Turns!"

We find that the ability to predict relationships often helps both individuals and their organisations in these sorts of situations.

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