More on Recruitment Methods

Following on from an earlier post, Robert Cenek raises the question 'Can Job Turnover be Predicted?'

To me, it seems that Robert's line of thinking runs in parrell to the earlier post, particularly when he writes;

Can Job Turnover be Predicted? Few readers would say no, and yes would be a safe bet at Caesars Sports Book – but it’s also a “take it to the bank bet” that most people rely on hunches or intuition when selecting employees. It’s no secret: most recruiters have “gut-level” conclusions on what they see as risk factors for turnover.

Yes, interviewing methods, screening and psychometrics all have a part to play, but equally, it seems to me that there must be something more to this that what has already been discussed. On the other hand, is relying on hunches and intuition really the best way?

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