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Why is Understanding People So Hard

The lack of tools that help us better understand people through reliable predictions undoubtedly contributes to the fact that understanding people is hard Continue reading Continue reading

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Management Courses that Change Behaviour – Yeah right!

Keith McGregor from Personnel Psychology NZ calls out some of the myths and mysteries around training and development and the prospect of realising change, or not… Over the years we have run many management training courses and get wonderful feedback … Continue reading

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Creating Sustained High Performance

Ilaria Vilkelis gave us a nice write up on her blog yesterday when she spoke about success in an uncertain economy. The part of her piece that really struck a chord with me was this section on exploring the space … Continue reading

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Leadership, Intangibles and Talent Review Q4 2010

Welcome to the final round-up of 2010. In this issue we have brought together an assortment of provocative articles focusing on; Complexity Training Systems Thinking Being Counter-Intuitive Innovation Conclusion Featured in this issue are articles from: Steven Johnson, John Hagel, … Continue reading

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Social Cognition Research Initiative

Stowe Boyd is starting a long-range research initiative into Social Cognition. The main thrust seems to be around; Clarifying the elements of social cognition like learning, performance, decision making, affiliation, sense making, and others. Assimilating research from anthropology, sociology, cognitive science, linguistics, … Continue reading

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Prediction is important, if not vital

Being able to predict things, in business and elsewhere is critical. We don’t always get it right, but understanding the variables and relationships between ‘inputs’ and ‘outputs’ goes a long way to creating a positive outcome. In terms of Enterprise … Continue reading

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2011, a Year of Relationships?

Ross Dawson has a view of both next year and the next decade. Amongst the trends, relationships are becoming more and more significant (if they weren’t already!) and given the increased use of social media tools, this is only likely … Continue reading

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How do you measure the quality of your relationships?

I came across this intriguing post from Robin Dickinson, asking about people measure the quality of their relationships. This comment really caught my eye; Given that we are empowered to make literally 1000’s of such connections [via social media], this … Continue reading

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Formal v. Informal Relationship Structures

John Hagel III and John Seely Brown have an excellent post which as usual covers a wide range of perspectives and insights. While some of the points are more strategically orientated, operationally, there is some really useful stuff too. The … Continue reading

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Millenials value Networks and Relationships

Susan Scrupski writes about some research she’s been doing with GE and J&J, the upshot of which is that as the generational collide increases, the value placed on networks and relationships by younger employees seems to rise. In Susan’s words; … Continue reading

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