Business is just Relationships

Sig has a great post on the slowly emerging theme that "Business" is nothing but "Social Networks". Given the recent rise of numerous social software platforms and the maturity of Business Process Management, it is refreshing to read that people are starting to see that relationships and connections are of increasing importance.

Another good example of this is the work around Human Interaction Management by Keith Harrison-Broninski.

From Sig's post;

Social networks, the kind we now know so well, in the cloud networks, works the same way. Facebook started out having universities as the "Social Object", now extended to all kind of groups, fan-of or I-like affiliations with very easy to use interfaces all making it happen. Linkedin has business connections as the "Social Object", or purpose if you want. I would not go to Linkedin to find a cyclist keen to join a Sunday ride, for that I have other social forums.

Hence the equation, the core measure of how strong and effective a social networking offer can be:

Social network strength/growth = ("Social Object" importance) * (ease of interaction)

Now if only there was a way to model and predict these interactions? šŸ˜‰

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