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Business is just Relationships

Sig has a great post on the slowly emerging theme that “Business” is nothing but “Social Networks”. Given the recent rise of numerous social software platforms and the maturity of Business Process Management, it is refreshing to read that people … Continue reading

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Enterprise 2 and Transformation

Bertrand Duperrin has a great piece on Enterprise 2 and its attempts to move from evangelism to commercial returns in 2011. This is perhaps the most compelling part of the post; Accept to say that an enterprise is, first, here … Continue reading

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Changing the way Collaboration and Communication is managed

A classic (it was published in 2005!) from Stowe  Boyd on Social Software. Much of it has come to pass, but its nice to look back and see the connections. I particularly enjoyed his conclusion, the full effects of which … Continue reading

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Can you predict and optimise key components of collaboration?

Justin Kirby was very kind to do a writeup of our contribution to a NESTA funded research project he was involved in. These ideas aren’t dissimilar to what I wrote about re: Jackie Orme and I’ve added a short extract … Continue reading

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Leadership, Intangibles and Talent Review Q1 2010

Welcome to the first update for 2010. In the spirit of new beginnings, in this issue we will look at how the debate around organisational performance is widening. We’ll also look at how after 18 months of economic chaos, the … Continue reading

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Possible problems with the HR Management Framework for Enterprise 2.0

I’ve just read the great piece from Jon Husband at the FASTForward blog and its made me think a great deal about Enterprise 2.0 (E2) stuff and how this compares to other new technologies and methods that we’ve seen play … Continue reading

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Shifting the People Management Worldview

Gary Hamel recently wrote about a survey that found that only 20% of employees are truly engaged in their work — heart and soul and yet he goes on to say that I talk to a lot of CEOs, and … Continue reading

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When will the Artists take over from the Technicians?

Two ideas to consider… Focusing on the ‘unstructured, intangible and typically unmeasured’ will lead to the greatest increase in profits and problem solving over the coming years. Benefiting from working on the ‘unstructured’ will only be fully realised when it … Continue reading

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Opportunities for HR and People Management in 2010 and beyond…

Looking at 2010 and beyond, HR and people management activities will only increase their value, recognition and influence through the application of new technologies or methodologies. The first factor which determines the success of this is the ability of something … Continue reading

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McKinsey interview with MIT researcher Andrew McAfee

McKinsey have a video interview with MIT researcher and Mr. Enterprise 2.0, Andrew McAfee. The two highlights from a HR perspective are below. 9.08 – A brief mention of the possibility of Enterprise 2.0 increasing levels of human capital 3.15 … Continue reading

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